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Childfree. Solo. Foodie. Traveler. Specializing in Adult Cruising and a little Vegas fun ;)

Virgin Voyages' First Mate gold certification stamp



- Robin S. Sharma

The Who              

Hi! My name is Leigh, pleasure to make your internet acquaintance :)

I've always loved travelling, near or far. In the before times, you could usually find me at my local amusement parks or weekend hotel staycations. As time has gone on, I have picked up a love for the bright lights and energy of Las Vegas, as well as venturing beyond these borders to places like Japan and the Dominican Republic. More international travel is absolutely in my future, likely via cruising as I've been bitten by that bug. But no matter the method, travel is a deeply rooted lifeline to my soul's deepest desires. When I'm not trying to book a trip (for you or myself), I'm thinking about food or eating food or thinking about food while I'm eating food. I'm also a lover of music with an eclectic taste (K-Pop has taken over the past decade of my life, though ^_^). Most importantly, I'm someone who is friendly, thoughtful, learning and growing every day, strong-of-will, and opinionated A.F.! What does that mean for you? I'm ready to go to bat for you so you get everything you expect out of your vacation without hesitation! I take pride in everything I do and I hope you will give me the opportunity to show that to you.


The Why             

If you had told younger me I would be starting my own business one day, I would've looked at you with the confusion of a thousand newborn babies. I never saw this for myself. I've always worked for a business that didn't belong to me and I've never been a "Salesperson". Honestly, I'm still not lol but really, I'm not trying to sell you anything as much as I just want to help you get the most out of a trip you were already looking for and maybe show you some things you didn't know you needed! I want you to have the same fun and rejuvenation I've been so lucky to experience while traveling. I know living through a worldwide Panini (how I refer to the Covid-19 Pandemic) gave a lot of people a new outlook on life. I'm no different. I've had pretty radical changes in my life and mindset since we all had that forced time to stay inside and review our lives. I definitely embarked on revenge travel starting in 2023 and found my way onto my first cruise ship, Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady, in January 2024. And I guess I just realized that I almost got stuck living that quote up there. I knew I needed something in my life to change and as I grew in confidence, I decided now was the time to follow my passion and see if I couldn't help people and bring them along in the process. So, here you are on my corner of the internet and I'm so glad to have you! Will you come along and make new travel memories with me?


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