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Extra Virgin: My First Cruise - A Solo Traveler's Virgin Voyages Review


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Apr 14




A view of Miami's tall buildings and bridge over the bay. A couple of speedboats pass each other in the foreground.
The bay off the coast of Miami, Florida

I called myself an Extra Virgin back in January. Not only was this my first time cruising with Virgin Voyages, but it was my first cruise ever, and as a solo traveler no less. I had no idea what to expect so I went in with a completely open mind (contrary to my NCL cruise admittedly; see next blog). I want to tell you my first cruise went PERFECTLY, especially since it's the primary line I sell.

It didn't.

I ran into a service issue at one of the bars that I'll briefly tell you a bit about later. I will say, in advance, Virgin took good care of me for this issue after the fact, so we're reconciled and I will continue to sail the line primarily. It's too aligned with me not to, tbh. But I think it's important to acknowledge so that we can all be reminded that nothing's perfect. The very best vacations still can have some shitty moments, and that's ok. That's life. Taken overall, I still had an AMAZING time and made connections I'm still in contact with so I wouldn't trade this cruise for anything. So let's get into this Virgin Voyages review...

This blog is going to be more stream-of-consciousness like the first one because I didn't take notes on this trip. This was before any of my Travel Agent Era was even thought of but I actually realize now how nice it is to keep a bit of a trip diary. Along with the images, it really helps to re-live the experience while you're in-between vacations. So, this won't be a date-by-date breakdown but more of an overview developed very referentially from the photos and videos I'll be sharing!

That first pic above is the view of Miami from my cabin on the Scarlet Lady while we were docked in port. I was in room 8106A, which is a Central Sea Terrace. I love that shot; it sets a mood in my mind of excitement, lavish self-love, and adventure. I've always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and trilogy of movies so getting to finally sail the high seas (albeit not on the Black Pearl) is kind of surreal for me! Probably should've worn my Jack Sparrow hat...or not. Hahahaha hahaha haha...heh.

The bathroom looks small and it is. But as a solo traveler this is really no problem. For two, I'd recommend bringing an over-the-door shoe holder to hold more stuff. The shower was actually spacious enough to where I didn't feel claustrophobic and having a rain shower head was very nice! There's the typical pull-out dry line to hang wet clothes. They also use sustainable toilet paper which wasn't harsh on the bum although it wasn't Charmin soft either.

I really loved my room. From a design standpoint, I do think the cabin looks modern, fresh, and fun with included mood-lighting controlled with the in-room tablet that also controls the TV, temperature, and the curtains! The only thing they could change is the MATTRESS on the Seabed! That thang was so hard I had to ask for a mattress topper. I've heard the beds in the Rockstar Suites are more comfortable. I'll report back on that after my November cruise ;) I booked the Splash of Romance package, so I got a free bottle of Rosé (pictured) along with some chocolates. It also provided me a spa pass (enjoyed the spa and the massage and facial I booked; I definitely left the facial with a hole in my wallet from buying the recommended products) and priority boarding. Typically marketed for 2, you can totally book it as a solo to take advantage of the early boarding which is pretty clutch because you can book shows and fitness classes before everyone else except Rockstars. As of writing, Virgin has changed shows to first-come, first-served seating, but for my sailing reservations were required. This continues to be true of fitness classes and some of these classes are very low capacity (!). I managed to book everything I wanted from my hammock as soon as I got to my cabin.