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Las Vegas Review: Vegas, Baby, YEAH! Pt. 2


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Mar 23




May 16, 2023

Got up on the 16th for the poolside cabana I’d booked. I had hoped for a relaxing time hopping in and out of the more private pool, reading, and watching a little more Food Network on the cabana TV. The cabana came with a fruit platter and free canned sodas and little water bottles in the fridge. I also ordered nachos. I was settling in for a nice time…

Instead, I quickly found the pool music was too loud for any of that to really happen. There had to be a speaker directly outside my cabana. Toward the beginning I asked my host if he could control the volume of the speaker and he went to check and then said he was going to check with his supervisor but then after a while he came back, and I had to ask again, and his supervisor was apparently not there yet, and he just didn’t seem to know what to do or if he could do anything.

In the end, no one was able to turn it down, so I just gave up. I hate to sound curmudgeonly, but I just hadn’t expected the music to be so so loud in my specific area. I booked the cabana farthest away from the pool thinking it would be most peaceful. I hadn’t heard anything about the Vdara pool being a party pool or playing unts-unts (you know, the bass sound) thumping techno music. Alas, cancelled, refunded, went back to room to play some Coffee Talk 2 on my Nintendo Switch. Eventually took a nap. Woke up for my reservation at Morimoto’s before seeing KÀ.

The theme of this trip continues to be: the food was amazing. Wagyu carpaccio was delicate and delectable. The soy marinated black cod was to die and the sashimi was delicious and beautifully presented. I really wanted that flaming dessert ball, but I have a peanut allergy and they couldn’t guarantee no cross-contamination so, sadly, I had to end my meal there. 5/5 the culinary greatness don’t stop in Vegas!

KÀ was okay. Respect to the performers but some of it was confusing since there’s no narration, like who some of the characters were. 3.5/5. Don’t need to see it again but it’s an experience worth having once.

May 17, 2023

I laid around watching Friends. The bed was so snuggly comfy. Ate my chicken n waffle leftovers from Della’s.


Later, I took the tram to Bellagio and finally made it to China Poblano. Had the chorizo mini sopes, queso fundido also with chorizo, and the almost-too-pretty-to-eat tres leches cake with fresh strawberries, bananas, and gold flecks. Also had the watermelon agua fresca, which was so good I had to take a second cup to go. Overall, 4/5. Chorizo could’ve been a little more flavorful and bananas in tres leches were useless, i just picked them out. Eating gold was novel though.

Followed this meal up with O, which was pretty good. Of all of the Cirque shows I’d say 2nd best as far as complexity and wow factor. A lot of the acts were really well done but there’s more of an overarching theme of water than storyline to this one. That said, it would be 3rd best as far as my personal enjoyment. 3.75/5. Loved the clown comic relief and the guy who was just inexplicably on fire while nonchalantly reading a newspaper. Does that need a spoiler warning? Probably the only picture I took of the show, hence the mention lol:

I had to go try a No Pants Burger, which was stationed outside of Absinthe. It was good but nothing amazing. 3.75/5. I don’t even remember anything about it to point out as far as flavors.

Absinthe was also good. (Yes, I saw O and then Absinthe right after. It was a busy show day lol). I think the close proximity of the seating and more adult nature is what makes it a little more relatable than Cirque shows. I also appreciate the variety of acts. I do think it’s overpriced for what it is, though, especially compared to the pricing of Cirque shows. I don’t know if it’s the best show in Vegas as some rave, but it was a good time. 4/5.

Returned to my hotel room around midnight and since it was my last night I felt a night bath soak was in order. The Vdara, being a bit more luxe, actually did provide me with bath salts! Also, their toiletries smell soooooooo gooood. Every bath and shower was heavenly. I relished my last opportunity to take in the gorgeous view of city lights. I took a lot of pictures and soaked in the night view in silence one last time. I’ve never been in a better room than this one and look forward to staying in it someday again. I also then watched a little more Food Network. It’s my hotel thing I do since I don’t have cable at home. She’s a true foodie! Lol Slept sooo relaxed after that bath soak. A little bummed my trip was coming to an end, but I got a lot done and had a blast the whole time. Minus the failed cabana.

May 18, 2023

Woke up on the 18th, packed every toiletry that wasn’t nailed down (seriously, they smelled so good I couldn’t leave them), and checked out. My final indulgence brought me full circle back into the arms of my beloved Gordon Ramsay. I parked at Bellagio and walked to Planet Hollywood to Gordon Ramsay burger. Yet again, 5/5. Everything I had (onion rings with parmesan and the truffle burger) was rich in flavor and cooked to perfection. Paul was an excellent and warm server. Please go and ask for him. He’s truly a lovely human being. Then I hit the road for the 4-hour drive home.

In my lifetime, this was my 5th and longest time in Vegas and my first solo vacation. I gotta say, it was a truly magnificent trip doing everything I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it. A lot of research and planning went into it and it was thrilling the whole way through.

If you'd like your next vacation to be just as well planned and detailed, reach out! I'd be happy to give you a similarly fantastic vacation :)